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Brand: Nightmare Before Christmas Material: 100 % Polyester Size: One Size fits all Color: White Packing: Single packed in blister

Earmuffs eyes in white/redcolour: white/redmaterial: plushone sizesales unit: 3

Earmuffs in black/white Stereocolour: black/whitematerial: plushlength: 20 cmWidth: 17 cm

Earmuffs as pink FlowerColor: pinkMaterial: plushWidth: Height: 18.5 cmWide: 14.5 cm

Earmuffs as StrawberrieColor: redMaterial: plushWidth: Height: 19 cmWide: 13.5 cm

Earmuffs as HamburgerColor: brownMaterial: plushWidth: Height: 16 cmWide: 14 cm

Earmuffs in whiteColor: whiteMaterial: plushWidth: Height: 18.5 cmWide: 14.5 cm

Earmuffs in blue/red Great Britain designcolour: blue/redmaterial: plushlength: 18.5 cmwidth: 14.5 cm

Earmuffs Middle Finger in whitecolour: whitematerial: plushlength: 17.8 cmwidth: 16.3 cm

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