Goggles with Gears and Magnifying Lense


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Goggles with Gears and Spikes on top of the crystal and the sides (Pack x 3 units)

Brand: MB-Müller

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: 22cm x 6.5cm / Glass: 5.5cm diameter

Colour: Bronce

Packaging: Individual plastic wrap

General description:

Steampunk emerged in the 1980s as a literary movement. It is set in the Victorian genre and has established itself as an artistic and sociocultural movement.

This design with gears and spikes on top of the crystals and on the sides, make this welder's pair of glasses a genuine model in the market.

Quantity Discount You Save
12 5% Up to 3,50 €
24 10% Up to 13,99 €
48 15% Up to 41,98 €

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